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      Creation personnel of Yuxi-Culture Media (Shanghai) are composed of many senior professionals who are engaged in a series of design and production tasks ranging from 2D concept design to 3D motion picture making, special effect, rendering and compositing.
    All of us used to work in world-famous TV& Film production companies and gaming companies and have over 10 years experience in practical work and operation. Moreover, we hold a high professional management capability and a strong design and production strength. For these advantages, we are capable of offering advertisement, TV & film and game developers all-round solutions including various CG pictures and animations to satisfy your requirements for media. In a word, to explore a wider market for customers is our eternal goal!
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Senior Lighting & Compositing Artist
1. Fulfill lighting, rendering and compositing as per project directors requirements;
2. Independently perform lighting, rendering and compositing of the assigned scene;
1. Have over 5 years extensive experience in successful lighting, rendering and compositing projects;
2. Be adept in Maya/Max rendering module, MentalRay, VRAY, Main Compositing Tool (AE/Shake/Fusion/Nuke);
3. Make rendering elements and composite them according to different project requirements;
4. Possess a good colour sense;
5. Know well every link of TV & Film and game making.
6. Have good teamwork and service philosophy, hold initiative and creativity and a strong sense of responsibility;
Senior 3D Special Effect Artist
1. Finish various special effect tasks in terms of project directors requirements.
2. In coordination with requirements of TV & Film scripts, perform feasibility testing and give solutions for traditional difficulties in 3D making.
1. Own work experience over 5 years;
2. Have a good command of Maya/3ds Max hair and fur, clothing, dynamics/particle/fluid module and various plug-ins, expressions and scripts writing as well as relevant solutions;
3. Be adept in Realflow and have experience in practical project application.
Senior Advertisement Planner
Post Description:
Post Responsibility:
1. Possess excellent creativity imagination, writing ability and guarantee strong publicizing and selling abilities;
2. Have strong communication ability and presentation skill, know well literal expression of various advertising forms;
3. Know about brand and market, hold accurate abilities of grasping and expressing strategies, be capable of going deep into market and consumer psychology;
4. Devote yourself whole heartedly to creation and deeply integrate yourself into the team;
1. Major in the relevant disciplines at least junior college level (Chinese/Journalism/Advertisement);
2. Have over 3 years experience in planning and creativity in an advertisement company;

pls send the resume with personal works to mailbox (jobs@yuxi-media.com ) and note Applied positionand expected salary .
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